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Device to solve the Sargassum problem in the Caribbean
As the article states that record-breaking amount of Sargassum is in the Caribbean resulting in the highest problem ever gotten. The major problems it has brought are it piles up on beaches, sometimes many feet thick and begins to decay. The hydrogen sulphide that gets released smells like rotting eggs and many resorts had to close their doors. Since the species are Sargassum natans and Sargassum fluitans float they block sunlight creating dead zone beneath them because plants under need sunlight to survive and the clean-up and removal of sargassum is an expensive task.
This project proposes new way to solve this problem. The best solution is a long term solution but the Caribbean economy depends upon tourism that it needs a quick solution other than cleaning up the algae on normal or standard method. Since the basic problem is for the algae float, pile up and decay: we will give it no time to pile and decay by using a device seen above. Since the algae have considerable volume and we have the advantage of the current, we use the green structure to direct Sargassum into the red blade. The green structure is stationary fixed with the ground depending on direction of the current of the shore. Then the blade will cut the Sargassum into pieces and store the Sargassum in the blue holding storage made up of a flexible hard net that can pass the water but not the algae. The storage will prevent the Sargassum from decaying. Then regularly we change the holding net.
The main concern of this product is how the blade is powered. We have two option solar rechargeable batteries or as I said above we have the advantage of the current. The current can be source of mechanical power. We can use this mechanical power to run the blade without using any additional power. But if the current is not strong enough using a rechargeable battery is feasible.
The other concern is what if a live aquatic animal got in the way? The answer is as seen in the picture above there is space that is between the three devices for the aquatic animals to pass through. Since the suction is heavy only near the blade live aquatic animals will not be sucked in.
If you need the detail design including the mechanical design I have already designed it.
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