Bite Back Seafood

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Moving fish from where they shouldn't be, to your face.

The Problem

Some invasive fish have been introduced into places where they lack predators, breed out of control and are themselves voracious. Regions of the western Atlantic have been so overtaken by lionfish that they now lack any fish except that one species.

Our Proposal

Source invasive fish from existing fish suppliers that already catch them, and have them process and dropship the fish to online customers. Provide a national market with a national product offering. Leverage existing free marketing provided by NPR, GQ, and other media outlets encouraging consumers to eat specific invasive fish, by name, by being #1 in searches for those fish.

We Assume that...

That NPR etc have generated latent national demand for lionfish, asian carp etc

Constraints to Overcome

A consumer today has to wade through hundreds of vendors that claim to sell these fish, for the good PR, to find a few that actually do, who tend not to be motivated, then cope with costly shipping fees meant for a very different product.

Current Work

Get vendors shipping fish Get insured Finish the website Sell

Current Needs

Really just getting vendors to sign and get motivated.