Key Conservation

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Key Conservation is helping conservationists receive critical funding and increased global support through a mobile app that provides real-time updates on day-to-day campaigns.

The Problem

We are looking to fill gaps of funding and support for issues that are happening in real-time while also creating stronger connections with global supporters.

Our Proposal

The Key Conservation mobile app will have a scrolling feed that updates as needs from conservationists occur globally. The app provides three ways for conservation organizations to get help and three ways for supporters to give it. The first feature allows supporters to give funds to a conservation project to help with immediate or long-term needs. The second feature is Skilled Impact which enables supporters to give their professional skills to help conservation projects. For example, if a patrol vehicle breaks down it could be fixed for free by a mechanic or a graphic designer could help with an outreach campaign. Tapping into these skills could save conservation organizations thousands of dollars while creating a lifelong connection with a supporter. Lastly, the In-Person feature allows supporters to be alerted to real-time volunteer opportunities in their area through geo-based push notifications. This feature updates automatically as people travel around the world, alerting them to the work being done within a customized range. For example, if conservations need help lifting a beached dolphin or want to alert local supporters that they have sea turtle hatchlings they are releasing to the ocean they can send out a push notification to supporters within a set radius. After the contribution has been put to use the conservation organization will send a photo/video update to the supporter to show the outcome.

We Assume that...

Conservation organizations are struggling for funding and support.

Supporters want to give their professional skills.

Conservationists are willing to bring supporters onto the front lines of conservation through a mobile app.

Conservationists need support outside of money.

Conservationists are open to new technological tools to assist them in gaining support for their work.

Supporters want to know where their money is going.

Supporters want to be alerted to local volunteer opportunities.

Constraints to Overcome

The biggest barrier and constraint we will address is ensuring that we are able to provide real-time posting and updates from conservation organizations, as well as integrating emerging technologies such as blockchain to provide real-time monetary giving.

Current Work

Current Needs