Garbage star

Hybrid profit model, No IP to protect, Validation Phase, Open to new members
Low cost bamboo frame for collecting plastic and growing fish

The Problem

Collection of plastic in estuaries

Our Proposal

Garbage Stars for river estuaries. Grow fish and collect plastic on the same structure. Fish are contained in a standard 1m3 big bag, which protects them and stops them from escaping. Villagers visit the stars every day to tend their fish and collect any plastic. Plastic is supplied to the local branch of the Plastic Bank which pays the villagers for the plastic. Waste plastic is sorted. Non-reusable plastic is gasified and made into diesel. Villagers earn money from both fish and garbage. Extensions. Structure is also used to grow kelp, diversifying the project. Anchor is also a coral favourable site, pre-dipped in larvae.

We Assume that...

It is assumed that the Plastic Bank model can be applied in areas where garbage stars are deployed

Quick low cost trials will identify the strengths of the design, and aspects that need further evolution. This can be done in the field with real users to build on their knowledge and experience

Constraints to Overcome

This project builds on existing near shore aquaculture activity that is taking place in areas like Jakarta. These low cost simple structures allow coastal communities to diversify their incomes

Current Work

Collect plastic before it enters the sea. Boost incomes for marginal coastal communities. Facilitate wider application of the Plastic Bank approach, perhaps in combination with a gasifier for making diesel

Current Needs

Funding for creation of a full scale prototype Link up with other interested parties Build full scale demonstration piece Plan field trial with a suitable community Explore extension evolutions of the design. Several extensions have already been identified.