Soil test experiment

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Testing of means of transmission of soil for the ROD fungus.

The Problem

As the challenge conservation x states, two newly discovered invasive fungal pathogens are killing hundreds of thousands of ʻŌhiʻa trees (Metrosideros polymorpha) on Hawaii island. Hundreds of thousands of trees have been wiped out by the fungi, which chokes the water veins within the tree until the tree withers and dies. It is recalled that the means of transmission of the ROD fungus has not been known but by scientific estimation of already at task researchers it is believed that the means of transmission may be airborne. This is because of it easy for the pathogens to enter through open wounds of Ohia tree, yet no evidence has been shown that soil and stream may or may not also be the media. This will hold us back big time from finding out the cure and understanding the ROD fungus itself.

Our Proposal

This project is a modification to make the project ( successful. As seen from the drawing above, instead of isolating the underground part of the tree we build a small structure that can support a tree having closed box to isolate the roots and carry soil. This structure is installed between multiple infected ohia trees. After some time if the tree is negative of the ROD fungus means of transmission is soil. And if the tree is found positive the means of transmission is wind. To increase our chance we purposely wound the tree so that if the means of the ROD tree is wind it will have more chance of entering to the tree. The risk of rainwater will be avoided because the roots are way above ground, no concern on the length of the roots, easier to supervise measuring of the soil minerals and nutrients to supply it when it lucks anything, we do not have to use plastic like I suggested which I now can see the plastic might harm the soil around it.

We Assume that...

I am assuming that the experiment is allowed by the culture of the Hawaiian peoples.

Constraints to Overcome

The main concern of the experiments could be how to exclude other soil from washing into the basin which can be managed as seen in the diagram.

Current Work

Currently, I have managed to come up with good and a solid plan, procedure, material selection. All one need is project execution.

Current Needs

I will need sitemap in order to figure which part of the tree is suitable for the test. I need more information on the Ohia tree characters to facilitate what it needs to sustain its life and more information on the duration of the fungus that it takes to show any signs.