Oceans Eye

For profit, Closed IP, Market Shaping Phase, Open to new members
Collecting near shore ocean data using the recreational scuba diving community.

The Problem

Our Ocean occupies over 72% of the planet’s surface, and is facing unprecedented harm to its ecosystems as a result of changes in environmental conditions. These changes are altering habitat geographies and driving widespread mortality events that have the capacity to transform a vibrant coral reef into a heap of algae covered limestone rubble. Yet, while marine scientists are striving to understand the impacts of a changing environment and identifying solutions that can protect marine ecosystems, the funding required to do the research is difficult to get, not guaranteed every year, and the physical manpower to conduct the research globally just isn't there. Would it surprise you to learn that of the over 10,000 identified coral reefs on the planet, fewer than 10% of those are subject to any form of direct environmental data collection? That leaves over 90% of our reefs un-monitored, yet the solutions we seek may reside on any one of them.

Our Proposal

Sea Crowd Technology is a company founded on the premise that recreational scuba divers are gravely concerned about the future of our ocean ecosystems. We are developing a small, wearable multi-sensor device called Oceans Eye that will automatically record vital environmental data every time a diver goes for a dive. Using scientific grade sensors, we will collect conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD) along with salinity, and in time pH and dissolved O2. Importantly, all of the raw data collected will be shared with the scientific community to allow analysis at a micro, local, regional and global level. Scientists will have access to real time and historical data sets allowing them to narrow in on future research areas globally, and critically fill gaps in existing data sets. The scuba diving community will also benefit from Oceans Eye as it will transform their post dive experience into a fully interactive dive log that is automatically sent to their smart phone. Packed with features, you will be able to upload photos and other dive site related info as well as numerous other social activities. Oceans Eye will also act as a diver safety device. Incorporated into Oceans Eye is a localized radio transmitter that can alert the boat that you are in trouble at the surface. Using GPS the captain of the boat will be able to see instantly where the diver in distress is and initiate the appropriate rescue efforts. Oceans Eye makes data collection cool! Wear, Dive, Hero.

We Assume that...

We assume that there is limited data currently and most of this is not ongoing or freely shared with the scientific community.

We assume that not all divers will want to purchase this, and we have factored this into our financial models.

We assume that the diving community will welcome the research and a device that can be used as a localized personal safety device.

Constraints to Overcome

The biggest constraint that the scientific community currently faces is that of manpower and financial resources. To collect enough data on reefs around the world in real time and on an ongoing basis, organisations would need tremendous funding and manpower. By using the recreational diver community we are able to send an army of citizen scientists around the globe (on their normal dive holidays or local dive sites), and they would be able to collect scientific grade data as they do so. On top of this we would create an app that the diver can see their dive profile and have a place where they are able to socially interact with other divers and the non diving public as well. A diver safety device would also be built into the Oceans Eye making it something of huge value to dive operations and divers alike.

Current Work

Developing investor presentations and pitches. Working with the engineering developers to finalize product design and manufacturing costs. Patent protection. App development. Securing cloud servers and creating the software programs.

Current Needs

Investor support, engineering development, app development, software development.