Plastic Removing Facility

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The project consists of a barricade to stop plastic in the River this plastic will be removed using plastic dustbin or nets and this harvested waste will be subjected to crusher for recycling.

The Problem

The main aim of project is to reduce plastic pollution contributed via Indus river to our oceans. River Indus is a major source for plastic based marine pollution. The major components of these pollution include plastic products such as water bottles, plastic bags, plastic utensils and other plastic based domestic wastes. These waste enter Indus river because of the practice of open dumping by river sides and sometimes waste collectors just throw the waste directly into the river stream without knowing what they are contributing to. Marine plastic pollution is a global biodiversity issue as the fauna present in our oceans consider these plastic waste as a food material and eat it. These plastic material upon entering the digestive system don't get digested and eventually cause the animals a retinal blockage with eventually leads to their death. Small marine animals also get stuck inside plastic container and thus eventually die. Lastly due to their non-biodegradability these plastic remain on ocean beds for thousands of years until or unless eaten by an organism.

Our Proposal

The solution to our problem is installing a plastic pollution collector on river. The idea is to install a barricade that will stop marine pollution then the plastic waste will be harvested using sea dustbin or similar technology and later this waste will be subjected to crusher to recycle plastic. The project will install be completed in 3 phases: The first phase as I call it research phase will be about getting observation and deciding the best possible scenario to have maximum possible impact on the situation. What does this mean? This means that first we will look for an appropriate location that is where ever we can harvest most waste that is augmenting to marine pollution. Why? Because in the limited budget we have we will not be able to recycle much of waste and thus the amount of waste we will harvest should be limited to what this plant can recycle. After the research an appropriate equipment will be ordered to harvest the waste as well as to recycle the plant The second phase which is named implementation phase. In this phase we will install the equipment and initiate the process. We will observe weather the machinery is functioning properly or not. The discarded waste (non-plastic organic waste) after project initiation will be analyzed to either be used to produce biogas or compost if necessary. The last phase or the post research phase will include a group of students to visit the site. These student will help us evolve our system.

We Assume that...

Constraints to Overcome

Well I don't think people, atleast here in Pakistan care about marine pollution which is why they don't really work on the issue. The don't believe in environmentalism and certainly had no idea about conservation. People here don't even care if they don't have water which is why they oppose building of Dams/ Barrages.

Current Work

The whole project is a farsighted project which will provide us with an advanced design for plastic waste recycling in river. The project will also reduce the marine pollution incremented from Indus River. The final result will be a fully functioning plastic recycling plant that will reduce the plastic waste present in Indus River. • We will receive a better more efficient way to harvest plastic pollution from our rivers. • Marine plastic pollution will be reduced and thus conservation of marine ecosystem will occur • The experience gained by students in this project will help encourage them to work with marine conservation which is very much needed in Pakistan • The students will also get relevant experience in their field

Current Needs

I need a decent amount of funds along with some skilled individuals that can assist me with work. I will also need labor to handle field task.